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Signal Alliance unveils cloud computing services for Nigerian businesses


By Olubunmi Adeniyi

Lagos. March 9, 2013: Signal Alliance has launched cloud computing services for its enterprise customers to save cost, says the Nigerian ICT solutions provider.

Collins Onuegbu, CEO of Signal Alliance
Collins Onuegbu, CEO of Signal Alliance

Commenting on the service, Collins Onuegbu, CEO, Signal Alliance says the company’s Cloud computing services represents a new generation platform enabling businesses to rapidly provision and deploy computing resources and access data applications anytime, anywhere.

“The mission of Signal Alliance Cloud Computing services is two-fold: To make cloud-based IT services available to large, medium and small enterprises and provide them the flexibility and support they need to do what they do best – growing their businesses,” Onuegbu explains.

He says that using this innovative strategy, enterprise IT consumers now have the opportunity of deploying and accessing basic and complex computer applications and services on a pay-as-use basis.

The services enable easy access to virtual hardware and software through an Internet connection which allows businesses to pay little for their IT resources – rather than investing in expensive IT infrastructure such as servers, hard drives and software application licences, the company says.

This is because the Cloud service is an approach to computing that uses a shared pool of configurable resources to provide convenient,on-demand, virtual network infrastructure or software utilised as an
ongoing service, Onuegbu adds.

Emeka Nwigwe, Head, Data Center and Collaboration at Signal Alliance notes that businesses are increasingly realising the benefits of moving their network into a data centre environment, simply for the fact that there is little investment.

“Utilising this type of facility benefits both small and large businesses by lowering risk and cost, while allowing IT personnel to focus on the specific needs of the company rather than data storage”, he adds.

Signal Alliance says that “with Cloud Services, we provide our customers the ability to access and safely store data applications from their Smartphone, tablet or PC while on the go.”

According to Onuegbu, “Signal Alliance’s cloud computing team comprises of experienced hands with high knowledge of cloud services. The team boasts of a complete and in-depth knowledge of the business and technology angles of cloud solutions and demonstrates expertise in providing a balanced analysis of cloud computing risks, benefits as well as specific strategies and roadmap suitable to organisations.”

The company also provides delegated administrator’s services, which enables customers to focus on the core of their business without having to spend time and extra resources involved in running an IT unit, he adds.


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