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Smart shoes that tie technology and fashion for wearers

Smart shoes that tie technology and fashion for wearers

Smart shoes are lately taking the fashion world by storm with beautifully designed smart wears that mix technology features with fashion.

Smart shoes are also becoming very popular like smart watches that integrates technical functionalities with fashion statement on their wearers.

Designed with built-in technology, EasyJet says this smart shoe can help customers explore new cities with ease, enabling them to take in their surroundings without getting lost.

However, some tech companies have gone extra miles to make their smart shoes stand out. In addition to their technological capabilities, these uniquely designed smart shoes come in stylish looks.

Below are 7 smart shoes that pack a mix of technology, glamour and style.

Volvorii smart shoes

The Volvorii is a high-heeled feminine smart shoe beautifully designed by iShuu Technologies to quench consumer’s taste for a fashionable, flashy, yet smart wear.

According to its maker, the Volvorii’s colours and design patterns can be changed to match the user’s outfits via a smartphone app.

Volvorii smart shoe
Volvorii smart shoe

In addition to its ability to change colours, there are other hidden capabilities to be unlocked by the user of the Volvorii smart shoe, the maker says. Made of leather and rubber, each pair is outfitted with a hidden circuit board that houses Bluetooth and battery component of the Volvorii smart shoe.

EnSoles smart shoes insole

Ensoles is a smart shoe insert manufactured by a tech company called Sole Power. Ensoles enables users to charge their phones while working but users will have to replace their standard insoles with ensole to enjoy the smart shoe technology.

According to Sole Power, the maker of the smart shoe tech, Ensoles converts every step made by the user while working into energy and stores it in an external battery pack that is attached to the shoes. Users can then charge their phone using the energy that has been stored in the battery pack by connecting the USB port to the smart shoe tech. Sole Power says every 1 hour walk creates 30 minutes talk time for smartphones.

Ensoles smart shoe insole
Ensoles smart shoe insole

Sneakairs smart shoes

Sneakairs is a prototype smart shoe unveiled by Europe airline, EasyJet. Designed with built-in technology, EasyJet says this smart shoe can help customers explore new cities with ease, enabling them to take in their surroundings without getting lost.

The revolutionary smart shoe incorporates a technology which connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which uses phone’s GPS and directs the wearer of the Sneakairs smart shoe which way to walk by triggering small vibrating sensors within the smart shoe.

Sneakairs easyjet smart shoes
Sneakairs easyjet smart shoes

Shiftwear smart shoes

Shiftwear smart shoe comes with a bendable waterproof HD display. The smart shoe integrates mobile technology that enables the user of Shiftwear smart show power it from his/her phone or tablet. The user does not have to bother about walking in the rain or putting them in the washing machine.

Shiftwear smart shoe can also be charged wirelessly when the user is not hitting the streets. Using the companion mobile app, the device maker says Shiftware smart shoe users can create or download designs in full high definition colour and instantly flaunt them on the sneakers.

Shiftwear smart shoe

Digitsole smart shoes insert

Digitsole is a shoe insert designed by a wearable tech company, Digitsole, to help users of the smart shoe tech keep their feet warm in cold environment. With a simple tap on the user’s smartphone, the heating function can be activated and the temperature adjusted for each insole separately on the smart shoe tech.

Users can also track their steps, the distance walked and measure the calories burned. All communication is handled via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be monitored through a smartphone app that communicates with the Digitsole smart shoe products both ways: by collecting data and also controling the temperature.

Digitsole smart shoe
Digitsole smart shoe

Lechal Haptic smart shoes footwear

The Lechal Haptic footwear is designed with a smart wearable technology which the maker says will help smart shoe users navigate unknown location hands-free and also tracks fitness. All the smart shoe tech user needs to do is to set his/her destination in the Lechal app, and let Lechal show the way through gentle vibrations. It is available in two sizes with an option to trim to fit the smart shoe.

It comes with hot Pods which snap into the footwear and easily connect to the app using Bluetooth Smart. The pods also use haptic or vibratory feedback to take the user places.

Lechal Haptic smart shoe footwear
Lechal Haptic smart shoes footwear

GPS SmartSole for smart shoes

Made by GTX Corp, a wearable tech company in U.S., the GPS SmartSole is a smartphone hidden and sealed in an insole smart shoe technology. The smart shoe tech uses the same GPS and cellular technology as a regular smartphone, charged like a phone, and also requires activation and a data service plan, according to the maker of the smart shoe tech.

Like a phone, it works cross country within cellular network covered areas. GPS SmartSole says the smart shoe tech is automatically checking in with users every 10 minutes, for less than the cost of a few days care in a “lock-down” facility. The GPS SmartSole is described by its maker as a discreet wearable monitoring and recovery solution for wandering using this unique smart shoe tech.

GPS enabled SmartSole shoes
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