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Snapchat unfolds Spectacles sunglasses, rebrands as Snap Inc

Snapchat unfolds Spectacles sunglasses, rebrands as Snap Inc

Image messaging and multimedia app, Snapchat has introduced a pair of camera-equipped sunglasses called Spectacles as it rebrands itself Snap Inc.

Spectacles are sunglasses with an integrated video camera that makes it easy to create Memories, the company says in a statement announcing its new product.

“We’ve been working for the past few years to develop a totally new type of camera. We call it Spectacles,” Snapchat says.

According to the newly-named Snap Inc, Spectacles is one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world, capable of taking a day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge, which is seamlessly integrated into a fun pair of sunglasses and available in 3 different colors.

Spectacles can also connect directly to Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and transfer your Memories directly into the app in Snapchat’s brand new circular video format.

[mom_video type=”youtube” id=”XqkOFLBSJR8″ width=”800″ height=”600″]

Circular video plays full screen on any device, in any orientation, and captures the human perspective with a 115 degree field of view, Snapchat says.

The company also announced that it is changing its name from Snapchat to Snap Inc to accommodate other products the company is developing.

“When we were just getting started it made sense to name our company Snapchat Inc., because Snapchat was our only product! Now that we are developing other products, like Spectacles, we need a name that goes beyond just one product, but doesn’t lose the familiarity and fun of our team and brand,” Snap explains.

The company further says that changing its name also has another benefit as it will now become easier searching for its product, explaining that searchers are likely to find relevant product information rather than boring company information or financial analysis.

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