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Sony Global Math Challenge opens March 25

Sony Global Math Challenge opens March 25

Sony Global Education has announced that it will host the 3rd edition of the Global Math Challenge from March 25 to 27 this year.

Math lovers, both young and old, can therefore participate in this online math competition anywhere around the globe through a computer or mobile device, Sony says.

According to the Japanese electronics company, the competition will enable participants to engage their true mathematical creativity and test their skills against other math fans worldwide. It also stated that this edition will, like previous iterations, be offered online simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese. This time, however, it will be offered over a period of three days instead of one. Individual participants can take the test at any time during the testing period, making it easier than ever to take part.

As with previous iterations, the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organisation with a strong track record in math contests for children, supervised the question development process. And for the first time in the 3rd Global Math Challenge, Sony Global Education was joined by the Hanamaru Group, with whom it concluded a business collaboration agreement in August 2015, in devising the test questions.

The company declared that the Global Math Challenge will be offered in seven different courses of difficulty to best suit the education levels of test takers, from the 1st grade in elementary school through middle school and all the way up to the adult level. The newly established “Master” course is tailored to math enthusiasts and will feature more challenging problem sets than previously offered in Global Math Challenge.

Two plans are available for Global Math Challenge, the free Trial Plan and the paid Standard Plan. With the Standard Plan, under which up to four people can take part using one shared account, participants will also be provided with step-by-step, beautifully illustrated explanations for every question, analysis of their critical thinking strengths, and an extra electronic set of bonus questions.

Sony says the Global Math Challenge is one of Sony Global Education’s initiatives through which it strives to enhance literacy in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields among people of all ages. Going forward, Sony Global Education will hold this competition twice a year in order to reach more schools, organisations, and individuals in more countries across the globe, and to contribute to the world of education on a global level.

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