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Insider cyber security threats now escalating danger for businesses

It was recently confirmed that an insider at Morgan Stanley exposed the account information of hundreds of their most wealthy clients, only to be discovered after posting the information online in an attempt to sell the information. With the potential devastation and losses these kinds of attacks can have on any business, Joe Caruso, the […]

MTN Nigeria agents to ‘share mobile money services’

Ajijola: Cybersecurity SMEs are the future

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNpN3VKdGVE”] Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola is the Executive Chairman of Consultancy Support Services (CS2) – an ICT/ Cybersecurity, Organization Effectiveness Consultancy firm. He is also affiliated with providing on-going global advocacy and capacity building for the establishment of organizational, sectorial and National Computer Emergency Response Team. Working in Nigeria and abroad, he has served on several […]

MTN Nigeria agents to ‘share mobile money services’