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No National ID, no land allocation in Abuja, Minister says

Residents in Abuja will now require National Identification Number (NIN) before they can be alloted land in the city, the the Federal Minister in charge of Nigeria’s Federal Capital City says. This comes just as the nation’s ID agency has said that update and modification of names have been made available for applicants, particularly ladies, who got […]

MTN Nigeria issued ultimatum over alleged anti-labour practices

Reviewed: Nigeria’s EFCC turns heat on cybercriminals

Nigeria’s anti-graft agency may be turning the heat on cybercriminals to make the Internet a safer space following growing spate of arrests and prosecutions by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). While it is common knowledge that the use of computers and the Internet to commit crime, popularly called cybercrime, has become prevalent in Nigeria, recent focus on […]

MTN Nigeria issued ultimatum over alleged anti-labour practices

Govt offers 14 licences for N130.5b in 2.6GHz spectrum auctions

The Federal Government of Nigeria has placed 14 licences on offer at N130.5 billion in the 2.6GHz spectrum auctions planned to begin May 5 in Abuja. According to the auctions rules released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), a reserve price, representing the lowest amount the licence is being offered, has been pegged at N3,184,800,000.00 […]

MTN Nigeria issued ultimatum over alleged anti-labour practices

Huawei lands 45% of managed services business of African telcos

Huawei, the Chinese equipment supplier says it has gained over 45% of managed services business of telecoms companies across Africa. Managed services, the outsourcing model widely used by telcos and Communications Service Providers (CSP) in Africa has seen an average growth of 52 percent from 2012-2014, the Chinese company says. Huawei says it “is currently […]

Nigerian telecoms regulator: Why Digital Economy Unit was created