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‘Marketing Technology Spend Will Grow to $120 Billion by 2025’

In the past few decades, CFOs, VPs of sales, and CIOs have each harnessed technology to achieve greater impact and influence in the enterprise. Now, as dramatic shifts in buyer behavior are being matched by equally significant shifts in marketing technology advances, it is the CMO’s turn to take the reins and lead the digital […]

FiberOne wins Broadband award at NITA

Rechargespot launches portal to offer cheap and quality education in Nigeria

  By Technology Times Staff Reporter Lagos. February 16, 2013: Mobile Rechargespot Limited has launched a learning and web education portal called qCefa, meaning: Quality and Cheap Education For All, to provide an academic connection centre where students, teachers, educationists, and professionals can share knowledge and get educated without the limitation of distance or cost. […]

MTN Nigeria data protection shifts into top gear, incoming CEO says