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Nigerians are ‘buying more personal computing devices’ 

Nigeria recorded strong year-on-year growth in by Q2 2018 in demand for personal computing devices (PCD) ranging from desktops, notebooks, workstations and tablets according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Nigeria is one of the countries that defied the fall in shipments recorded in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) where the global technology research and […]

Nigeria adopts agricultural seeds tracking technology

Huawei completes undersea cable linking Nigeria, Cameroon

Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd, a global submarine network provider, has announced that it has completed marine installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS), the undersea cable connection between the two West African nations. The Chinese technology company considers the Nigeria-Cameroon fibre link as a major step towards system ready for service in the fourth […]

Nigeria adopts agricultural seeds tracking technology