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Kaspersky: Businesses pay premium for cybersecurity breaches

Businesses pay a significantly higher premium to recover from a cyber-attack if virtual infrastructure is affected during the incident, a new survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company, in conjunction with B2B International, has revealed. One of the key findings of the 2015 Security of Virtual Infrastructure worldwide survey of 5,500 companies is that enterprises […]

The List: NIN diaspora registration ‘now live in 15 countries’

Survey: Users think ‘over-the-counter’ safer than Internet banking

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has revealed that 46% of Internet users believe traditional over-the-counter banking is safer than banking online. The survey shows that 49% of the Internet users surveyed feel vulnerable when making financial transactions online. Moreover, 54% reported they believe making payments offline is more reliable than online […]

The List: NIN diaspora registration ‘now live in 15 countries’

Kaspersky free app scans fake ID on Android devices

Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions has released a free mobile application to safeguard consumers against various Android vulnerabilities. [blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Kaspersky Lab”]If any threats are detected, the Fake ID Scanner prompts the user to install a free version of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android to remove the vulnerability. […]

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