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Kaspersky: Businesses pay premium for cybersecurity breaches

Businesses pay a significantly higher premium to recover from a cyber-attack if virtual infrastructure is affected during the incident, a new survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company, in conjunction with B2B International, has revealed. One of the key findings of the 2015 Security of Virtual Infrastructure worldwide survey of 5,500 companies is that enterprises […]

Meet Nkemadu: ‘Animal doctor’ and new NCC spokesman

Survey: Users think ‘over-the-counter’ safer than Internet banking

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has revealed that 46% of Internet users believe traditional over-the-counter banking is safer than banking online. The survey shows that 49% of the Internet users surveyed feel vulnerable when making financial transactions online. Moreover, 54% reported they believe making payments offline is more reliable than online […]

Meet Nkemadu: ‘Animal doctor’ and new NCC spokesman