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Nigerians are ‘buying more personal computing devices’ 

Nigeria recorded strong year-on-year growth in by Q2 2018 in demand for personal computing devices (PCD) ranging from desktops, notebooks, workstations and tablets according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Nigeria is one of the countries that defied the fall in shipments recorded in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) where the global technology research and […]

AI: Nigeria is ‘growth market for smart virtual personal assistants’ 

Meet Samsung’s Gear S3, the ‘outdoor’ smartwatch

Samsung has released two variations of its Gear S3 smartwatch to appeal to a greater niche of wearable technology users. The Gear S3 the outdoor version of its sleeker brother the Gear S3 Classic, is big, thicker and wider than its predecessor the Gear S2. “The Samsung Pay on your Samsung Gear S3 allows you […]

AI: Nigeria is ‘growth market for smart virtual personal assistants’ 

Smile, Samsung in Nigeria’s LTE voice service on smartphone pact

Smile Communications Nigeria Limited, a provider of broadband service in Nigeria has joined forces with Samsung Electronics West Africa to launch its first Long Term Evolution  (LTE) voice over broadband service on smartphones. According to the companies the new product promise to offer high quality and improved voice and video communications, enabling faster, better video calls, […]

First Bank, Microsoft offer low-priced Office to Nigerian SMEs