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New video feature lands on Instagram

Instagram says it has rolled out of its new looking “Explore” feature for users of the social media service around the globe. According to Instagram, the video channels feature in “Explore” helps to make it easier for users to discover the videos they will love, as more videos are continuously being shared by users. To […]

Exclusive: SIM cards to be sold only at telcos’ outlets as Nigeria lifts embargo

Nigeria Port Authority tracks ship movements with new technology

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) says it has installed a new digital security technology to track ships and secure the country’s  waterways. NPA says the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence System (CCCIS), a security technology now enables it to track, record and deliver ships’ movements within Nigeria’s ports domain. [quote font=”georgia” font_size=”22″ font_style=”italic” align=”left” arrow=”yes”]“This technology will […]

WhatsApp: Govt warns Nigerian users of alleged privacy breaches