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MTN Group: Why we clicked African broaband pact with Liquid Telecom

MTN Group, the South African mobile telephony giant, says it closed a broadband deal with Liquid Telecom to offer access to the largest fixed and wireless footprint on the African communications landscape including Nigeria. The partnership spreads across wholesale, carrier-to-carrier, high speed broadband, enterprise and fixed data services offerings of the two companies. Under the […]

Right of way: ATCON wants more states to adopt uniform pricing like Ekiti, Imo

MTN, Vodafone tie to deliver ‘cheaper’ money transfer

The recent pact between MTN Mobile Money and Vodafone M-Pesa to interconnect their Mobile Money Services, will let the two mobile phone giants offer cheaper money transfer service to their customers. The continent’s top mobile telephony players are joining forces for customers of MTN Mobile Money and M-Pesa in East Africa will be able to transfer […]

Coronavirus: First Bank digital banking hits N8.18t transactions during lockdown

BSA: South Africa is software piracy capital of Africa

South Africa is the top software piracy destination in Africa with the commercial value of unlicensed software installed in the country peaking at $385 million in 2013, according to the global software industry watchdog. [blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Business Software Alliance”]The chief reason computer users around the world cite for not using unlicensed software is avoiding security threats […]

Right of way: ATCON wants more states to adopt uniform pricing like Ekiti, Imo