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TDM Network equipment supplier records strong growth in Nigeria market




phone mastsLagos. July 15, 2013: Squire Technologies, the global signalling specialists to the telecoms industry says that it is recording strong among operators in Nigeria seeking to maximise existing TDM networks despite the growing clamour for Cloud and VOIP services.

The rise of VoIP and Cloud technology in the telecoms sector appears to be continuing, yet at the same time operators are seeking to maximise the usage of their existing TDM infrastructure, the company says.

Sanjeev Verma, Sales Director of Squire Technologies notes that the continuing rise of VoIP and the shift towards cloud-based technologies has been well documented over recent months, but companies also appear to be continuing to evolve their TDM based infrastructure, particularly in the African and Middle-Eastern markets.

Squire Technologies says it has recorded increased sales for their TDM based products such as the SS7 STP and those offering interconnection with NGN VoIP such as their TDM to SIGTRAN Signalling Gateway for IP backhaul and SS7 to VoIP Media Gateways.

Explaining the ongoing trend of telecoms operators maximising their existing CAPEX, Verma says that, “We’ve seen companies such as Vodafone and Orange in developed markets like the UK agree to share their networks; and one of the prime motives must be to get as much value as possible out of their existing CAPEX. TDM still has a major role to play in developed markets as we’re seeing companies across the board moving slowly to VoIP whilst continuing to enhance their TDM infrastructure as their network’s needs dictate.”

According to him, “it is true that people are migrating towards VoIP-based networks, but the speed of this migration has been somewhat over-exaggerated, particularly in markets such as Africa. We’ve experienced a particular increase in demand from Ghana as a result of the Ghanaian Government’s decentralisation of the telecoms market, whilst demand in countries such Nigeria and South Africa has remained strong for both TDM and convergent infrastructure. With companies such as Cisco withdrawing from the TDM space, we’ve seen many companies who aren’t yet prepared to move to Cloud and VoIP technologies talk to us about how they can continue to use their existing infrastructure. Products like our Media Gateway Controller and Signalling Gateway which enable operators to use their existing TDM infrastructure have seen success as a direct result.”

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director adds that economic factors undoubtedly play a role.

“Our clients are looking to squeeze as much out of their incumbent TDM networks as possible whilst slowly transitioning to all-IP networks. TDM networks offer 99.999 percent reliability and turn significant revenue; in the race to all-IP networks, only the largest of operators can afford to replace them wholesale and even they need to ensure that their major revenue generating TDM services are still supported in the interim. In the majority of cases it’s a question of running a blend of both TDM and NGN networks to exact the greatest return.”


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