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Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’

The deadly coronavirus called COVID-19 sweeping across the globe may derail smartphone shipments to African market, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Last year was a good one for the overall African mobile phone market which grew 3.8% year on year (YoY) in Q4 2019, according to the latest figures from global technology and consulting […]

Germany postpones TWENTY2X over Covid-19 fears

LAGOS | Website to verify vehicle numbers now live

Lagos State has opened a website, www.lsmvaapvs.org, to verify number plates of vehicles registered by the state government. Lagos State says it has that digitized number plater system. The new website also lets law enforcement agencies verify authenticity of number plates issued by the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA). The website, www.lsmvaapvs.org, will henceforth become […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’

MOBILE | Meet Made-in-Nigeria smartphones

ade-in-Nigeria smartphones are dialling more numbers even with keen competition for the wallet of the nation’s growing mobile family. There is no doubt that smartphone brands by foreign tech companies dominate the Nigerian market, but Made-in-Nigeria brands are now entering to provide consumers refreshing options, features and pocket-friendly alternatives. There is no doubt that smartphone […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’