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ICT: Oil & Gas industry to spend $5.33 billion in 2020, IDC says

The information and communications technology (ICT) spending of the Middle East and Africa’s oil and gas industry will peak at $5.33 billion, up from $5.17 billion last year, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). Businesses from the Middle East and Africa’s resource industries comprising oil & gas mining, other mining, and agriculture are looking […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’

Education Board unfolds Digital Literacy plan for Lagos teachers

The Lagos State Education Basic Education Board (LSUBEB) has unfolded plans to equip Lagos teachers with digital literacy skills.   Board Chairman, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King says the training will address challenges that may hinder Lagos State’s plans to digitally-literate teachers and classrooms. “We want our teachers to go beyond finding and sharing information on the computer […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’

Nigeria’s FinTech targeted as Andersen Global, TNP forge alliance

Nigeria’s rising stakes in FinTech, tech, e-commerce have come within view of an alliance between Andersen Global and The New Practice (TNP), a law firm based in Lagos. Andersen Global says the collaboration agreement with the Lagos-based law firm is increasing the global organisation’s footprint in Africa and strengthening its presence in Nigeria. Andersen Global’s […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’

Nigeria’s RemTrack mobile app keeps track of oil and gas sector

Nigeria has unveiled the RemTrack mobile app to foster a more transparent and accountable oil and gas industry that delivers benefits to the people. RemTrack is a global first, an innovation Nigeria has introduced among all members of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), an extractive industry watchdog promoting good governance in the oil, gas […]

Coronavirus ‘threatens African smartphone shipments’