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Technology company unveils e-commerce platform for Computer Village


eKnowvate Solutions Limited, has launched an e-commerce platform, MyComputerVillage.com dedicated to businesses in Computer village Ikeja, the largest IT market in West Africa

The new initiative hope to reduce traffic in the cluster area as customer can sit at the comfort of their home to access their goods through this platform, the technology company said.

The promoters of mycomputervillage.com said that the platform can host over 6000 shops and an estimated 18000 businesses at the popular computer and allied accessories market to showcase their products to a global audience for improved customer engagement and patronage.

Muyiwa Alawode, Managing Director, eKnowvate Solutions Limited said “the launch of the e-commerce platform by eKnowvate Solutions Ltd in conjunction with the executives of the Market Association CAPDAN, has become expedient in order to preserve the market share of businesses in Computer Village in the sales of IT equipment and accessories in view of recent competition from a number of e-commerce platforms.

Muyiwa however said that the new platform is not launched to stylishly extort funds from shop owners as traders at the Computer Village could subscribe to have their products showcased on MyComputerVillage.com with ease at a token of one thousand naira monthly.

“Furthermore, the e-commerce provider, eKnowvate Solutions Ltd, does not share in the sales proceeds of shop owners for transactions that take place on the platform as the case in other e-commerce platforms. A virtual shopping mall where businesses in the market can own shops, subscribers to MyComputerVillage.com platform offers its users all the tools needed to enable their business go live on the internet without needing to worry about technical setup skills, hosting and maintenance upgrades. All that a subscriber has to do is sign up for the service and start trading.”Muyiwa added.

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