Founded in 2004, Technology Times has a rich history of providing news, information and business solutions on the Nigerian information and communication technology sector.
Technology Times, founded by Nigerian technology writer, Shina Badaru, has become the veritable voice of the Nigerian technology industry and has received several prestigious local and international awards and recognitions.
Today, we continue to drive the Technology Times vision to be the leading provider of news and information on the Nigerian technology industry.
Our team continues to practice our craft based on sound journalism ethics of fact, balance, accuracy, impartiality and other principles that have endeared us to our audience and made us grow our client base as news syndication partner of choice to several local and international media outlets hoping to showcases Nigeria’s ever vibrant technology landscape.
At Technology Times, we have earned the trust of our readers and players in the media industry and beyond for breaking technology news and insightful information from inside the Nigerian ICT ecosystem.
We are on a mission to continue offering the richest and most meaningful insights on the Nigerian technology industry to millions of our growing audience in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.
Our technology leadership events and gatherings help to empower professionals, entrepreneurs and decision makers on smart ways to leverage a mix of technology thought leadership and expert insights to drive measurable results for their strategic objectives, goals and business.


[tab title=”Technology Times Online”]Technology Times Online Our website updated daily and offering news and information from inside the Nigerian ICT sector. We are building the Technology Times website to become the leading online hub that fosters growth, innovation and overall economic development for players in the Nigerian technology sector [/tab]
[tab title=”Technology Times Newspaper”]Technology Times Newspaper Our weekly newspaper reaching boardrooms in Nigerian ICT and major cities across the country and beyond every Monday. [/tab]
[tab title=”Technology Times eNews”]Technology Times eNews Boasting one of the largest subscriber in Nigerian media industry, Technology Times eNews is our free e-newsletter that complements Technology Times website and other editions with links to online articles and information. The readership base cuts across decision makers in industry and government as well as technology enthusiasts exceeding 265,000 readers in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. [/tab]
[tab title=”Technopreneurship Breakfast Meetings”]Technopreneurship Breakfast Meetings Technopreneurship Breakfast Meetings, a monthly gathering of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to share technology thoughts, ideas and innovations that drive efficiency, productivity and profitability for the Small & Medium Business (SMB) sector of the Nigerian economy. The Technopreneurship Breakfast Meeting is hosted monthly by Technology Times Conferences & Events, the Technology Times subsidiary promoting ICT thought leadership events alongside partners across the ICT ecosystem in Nigeria. [/tab]
[tab title=”Technology Times Outlook Business Summit”]Technology Times Outlook Business Summit Our flagship business summit, where leaders in government and industry meet at the beginning of the year to offer a roadmap of ICT development and market trends that will shape and define the Nigerian economy within the year and beyond. [/tab]