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Watch | Buhari’s fresh term for regulator who fined MTN | Nigeria Technology News

Watch the latest Nigeria Technology News brought to you from inside the information and technology (ICT) industry by Technology Times. Related posts: Watch Communications Minister talk about Nigeria Digital Vision arrister Abdul-Raheem Adebayo Shittu, Minister of Communications, Nigeria speaks on... Watch | Dr Reuben Abati on how social media has democratised news dissemination in Nigeria […]

Watch: Ikeja Computer Village | Documentary by Technology Times

Watch | 5G in Nigeria: Any link with COVID-19?

Nigeria is answering the telecoms market most controversial question sparked by claims that 5G mobile technology caused the deadly Coronavirus outbreak. Home to a booming telecoms market, Nigeria’s active phone connections was 187,435,821 (98.19%) and Internet users were 132,013,241 by February, according to official figures. Meanwhile, claims that Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 and 5G mobile […]

Watch: Ikeja Computer Village | Documentary by Technology Times