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#TechPlus2016 points Nigeria’s ‘relevance in African tech revolution’

#TechPlus2016, the nation’s largest technology gathering ended weekend in Lagos has successfully underscored the key role of Nigeria in the tech revolution unfolding across Africa. Connect Marketing Limited, organisers of #TechPlus2016 said in post-event statement that thought leaders and innovators shared insights with over 10,000 participants at the three-day technology showcase event. The Techplus 2016 has through technology […]

NIMC ‘officially’ moves to Communications and Digital Economy Ministry

#TechPlus2016: Edumark CEO wants Nigeria to adopt Smart School policy

  Yinka Ogunde, CEO of Edumark has told #TechPlus2016 forum in Lagos that Nigeria needs to adopt Smart Schools to raise standard in the naton’s educational sector. The Edumark CEO says educational policy makers at government and private school levels need to connect with the world of technology and “buy into the smart school initiative.” While […]

NIMC ‘officially’ moves to Communications and Digital Economy Ministry

#TechPlus2016: Only 14% Nigerians have broadband Internet access, A4AI says

Only 14% of Nigerians are connected to broadband Internet, a survey report released at #TechPlus2016 in Lagos by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) has shown. Dr Ernest Ndukwe, National Co-ordination of A4AI, who disclose this weekend at #TechPlus2016 says Nigeria is ranked the highest user of Internet in Africa but only 14% of its population have access […]

NIMC ‘officially’ moves to Communications and Digital Economy Ministry

#TechPlus2016: Angel investors to Nigerian startups: Inevitably, you must fail to succeed

Collins Onuegbu, President of Lagos Angel Network, LAN, has told Nigerian startups at #TechPlus2016 in Lagos that failure is inevitable in business success. [quote font=”georgia” font_size=”22″ font_style=”italic” align=”left” arrow=”yes”]”But the good thing this is that we know that failure is bound to happen and we prepare ourselves for that. I have failed before. I have made bad decisions as […]

NIMC ‘officially’ moves to Communications and Digital Economy Ministry

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