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Whogohost hosts Make Money Online SME Clinic at Computer Village Expo 2019

Whogohost hosts Make Money Online SME Clinic at Computer Village Expo 2019

Web hosting giant, Whogohost, has announced its sponsorship of the Make Money Online SME Clinic at the Computer Village Expo 2019, where there would be discussions on ways their products can help businesses make money online. 

Computer Village Expo 2019 holding December 10-14 at the Haven Events Centre, Ikeja GRA, Lagos on the theme, “A New Partnership Agenda for Growth”, is the annual flagship integrated events platform connecting 10,000+ Technology SMEs from Nigeria’s largest technology market, Ikeja Computer Village, and consumer technology buyers across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Whogohost has always been keen on helping SMEs and tech enthusiasts grow in Nigeria and is Make Money Online SME Clinic at the Computer Village Expo 2019 as an opportunity to establish a new relationship with SME owners and entrepreneurs. 

During Make Money Online SME Clinic, Whogohost will be sharing insights on how SMEs in Ikeja Computer Village and other participants can expand their reach online which will help them grow their customer base and eventually revenue. They will also offer their diverse range of value offerings to prospective partners, showing off ways that they can make money as resellers. 

As a sponsor of the Make Money Online SME Clinic, Whogohost hopes to help small and medium enterprises get their businesses online. They operate with the goal of enabling Nigerian SMEs grow online effectively with very minimal financial investment through the deployment of beautiful, functional and mobile-friendly websites which are hosted on their web hosting infrastructure providing small businesses in Nigeria with a cost-effective way of expanding their brand awareness and sales revenue through their native online platforms. 

According to Google’s data, 68% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphones will eventually make a purchase online or eventually visit the store. With the increasing internet penetration in Nigeria, Nigerians have developed a flair for shopping online, spending over $800 million yearly. According to a survey carried out by Paypal Inc., Nigeria was ranked as the 3rd highest mobile shopping nation worldwide. Currently, Paystack processes over 10 billion Naira (~$27.5 million) to Nigerian merchants, every month. 

Whogohost said that shoppers do not need to visit physical stores to do their shopping. They can do that from the comfort of their home through a computer or a mobile phone. One interesting edge the online store has over the offline store is convenience; which is what every shopper seeks today; the possibility to reach more customers. 

Having launched an online campaign tagged #TakeItOnline in 2018 & 2019, Whogohost has achieved several engagements with so many business owners signing up to have their websites designed, built and hosted. 

Commenting on the success of #TakeItOnline, WhoGoHost’s CEO, Toba Obaniyi said that, “#TakeItOnline is a labour of love that we created out of a desire to help businesses grow in Nigeria. Having experienced the benefits of running an online business, we realized that most businesses in Nigeria are still in the dark regarding benefits that owning a website guarantees their business. With #TakeItOnline, there is no longer any reason for SMEs to be left behind in this rapidly changing world of commerce.” 

At Computer Village Expo 2019, the WhoGoHost CEO will be speaking on Growing Your Business Online, where he will be teaching on strategic ways businesses can grow their businesses leveraging on digital media and technology. 

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