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World Cup 2014: When Facebook hit the one billion mark

World Cup 2014: When Facebook hit the one billion mark
In case you may have forgotten, Facebook hit the one billion interactions mark at mid-year during the World Cup 2014 in one of the key milestones of the eventful year.
Many World Cup-related posts, comments and likes by 220 million people on Facebook have made in the course of conversation since the tournament began on June 12, the technology company announced at the time.
Engagement on Facebook around the knockout matches over the weekend pushed the overall interactions number over the 1 billion mark.
Facebook says that no event has ever exceeded World Cup 2014 as it admits that its data editors have never measured any event that topped the one billion interactions mark.
On Saturday, more than 31 million people had 75 million interactions (posts, comments, and likes) related to the match between Brazil and Chile. The nail biter saw the second-highest level of conversation for any World Cup match that Facebook’s data team has measured to date”, according to the tech company.
In the same vein, “Brazil was also playing in the match that saw the highest level of Facebook conversation. 58 million people had more than 140 million interactions for the World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia on June 12.”
According to Facebook, “Brazilian players are driving Facebook engagement, too. This photo of Neymar and Hulk has over 2.5 Million likes and more than 70K shares, making it the most engaging post by any player during the World Cup.”
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