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Xiaomi Water Purifier 2 ‘can be controlled from your smartphone’

Xiaomi Water Purifier 2 ‘can be controlled from your smartphone’

Xiaomi, a Chinese technology conglomerate has introduced its new Mi Water Purifier 2, which can be linked and controlled from a smartphone.

At a rate of one litre per minute, the Xiaomi Water Purifier 2 utilises reverse osmosis to remove impurities from water, as the advanced filtration technology in the purifier allows it to detect particles as small as 0.0001 microns, the Chinese company says.

Xiaomi’s Water Purifier comes with RO reverse osmosis mechanism that eliminates antibiotics and heavy metals by employing four-layer filtration system. In addition, the purifying device will also help the consumers in getting rid of tap water rust, bacteria and bad odour.

According to Xiaomi, Mi Water Purifier can purify up to 76 barrels of bottled water daily. The device measures 260×205×410mm and weighs 11.8kg. The water purifier also embraces an inbuilt WiFi, with the Wifi updates helping to keep the users informed about the quality of the tap water through iOS or Android app.

In terms of the process, the Mi Water Purifier it has four different filters inside; PP Cotton filter, two activated coconut carbon filter and a RO membrane. The first filter cleans the sediments, rust, and other such purities from the water, the carbon filters reduces discolouration and odour, and also improves the taste, while the RO membrane filters heavy metals, bacteria and other organic matter from water, according the tech company.

water purifier

In the post filter stage, the activated coconut carbon fiber reportedly improves the taste of water.

The Mi Water Purifier, which can be controlled by your smartphone is quite portable. The design language of the device is synonymous with the recent smart home products from the company. It is simple, elegant and looks great in white.

Despite the compact size, the water purifier churns out around 400 gallons of water in a day, and is around eight times faster than a standard water purifier.

Just connect the pipe to your traditional tap and you are good to go.

We better know the company for its phones and affordable powerbanks. But the Xiaomi is actually a consumer technology firm that makes many more products and gradually it is bringing them closer to the consumers.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker has also drawn my attention with its 1200mAh battery, which according company’s claim, can last for up to 7 hours of continuous music playback.[quote font=”georgia” font_size=”22″ font_style=”italic” align=”right” bgcolor=”#” color=”#” bcolor=”#” arrow=”yes”]The water purifier also embraces an inbuilt WiFi, with the Wifi updates helping to keep the user informed about the quality of the tap water through iOS or Android app.[/quote]

The latest speakers also feature a tiny LED indicator mounted at the front. The device supports Bluetooth 4.1 and supports up to 10 meters of distance. It can be used with mobile devices. The Bluetooth speaker measures 60.0mm×60.0mm×93.3mm and offers maximum output power of 5W.

The Bluetooth Speaker which also has a built-in microphone, supports up to 10 metres of distance.

On the left of the speaker you will find a microUSB port and a port to connect an auxiliary cable for audio input and a microphone. All the controls are housed on the right side of the speaker, which includes the power, volume, and Bluetooth buttons. The Bluetooth button also lets you check the battery status.

bluetooth speaker

However, walking around with the speaker is not comfortable, The lack of a strap is also something that we didn’t like, as it leaves no other option but to keep the speaker on a flat surface. A strap would have also allowed a user to hang it over a car’s dashboard.

Talking of places to put the speaker, the bottom part has two rubber strips that keep the speaker stable. The metal frame of the speaker is soft to touch. The finish is definitely nice. And all the buttons are sufficiently responsive.

If you are an audiophile, you will not like to play anything at higher volumes on this speaker because as you increase the volume, the beats become flat. This means if you want to enjoy listening to music using it at home, keep the volume somewhere in the middle.

One issue that we faced while playing music on the Mi Speaker is that it vibrates a lot. Especially if you pump up the volume, the speaker vibrates so much that it makes noise, so you will have to be careful where you place it.

Overall, we find that the Mi Speaker handles almost all genres of music well and offers good sound. It can also handle slow, mellow music efficiently. If you are thinking of putting in the middle of a party, go ahead, you won’t be disappointed.

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