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YorubaName.com codebase now publicly accessible on GitHub

YorubaName.com codebase now publicly accessible on GitHub

YorubaName.com, an online dictionary for Yoruba names, has now made its backlog accessible to the public on the Internet.

Developers of the app say it has put the backlog and codebase on GitHub, a web-based Git repository hosting service.

”The Code-base and backlog that powers YorubaName.com, an online dictionary of Yoruba names have been moved to a public domain- GitHub in order to make it accessible to the general public”, the company said in a blog post.

This will enable whosoever is interested, to be able to contribute to the building of Yoruba names on the Internet via its platform, according to the creators of the online service.

With its Code-base which powers both the YorubaName.com website and the YorubaName dashboard application now on Github as http://github.com/Yorubaname, users will have access to three repositories that include:

-The general information which contains basic general information needed to get started contributing to the project.

-The YorubaName dashboard which contains the Code-base for the dashboard application.

-The YorubaName website which contains the code-base for the core dictionary and the website

Creators of the service say that the code-base now on GitHub, is a strategy to enable the development effort behind the YorubaName dictionary, which started off in February 2015, and has been carried by four volunteer developers,  grow to attract even more people willing to contribute expertise around software development to the project.



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