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ZTE wants telcos to embrace eSIM technology

ZTE wants telcos to embrace eSIM technology

ZTE Corporation, a Chinese technology company, has called on Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to embrace eSIM technology to meet the demands of the market in the digital world.

Muhammad Salman Sami, Chief Research Analyst, ZTEsoft, a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, made the call at the MVNOs World Congress, organized for Mobile Network service providers and top industry experts in the world, to examine the future prospects for MVNO’s survival in the market.

In a panel discussion on eSIM technology and its impacts on MVNOs, Sami said “eSIM technology has a great future especially in three areas: Split Consumers, Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise MVNOs”.

While explaining that customer’s satisfaction has a great impact on customer’s insight, Sami noted that “it’s really important to identify the right touch points for customers so that these can be improved and thus help MVNOs achieve the best customer experience”.

The Research Analyst assured the service providers that ZTEsoft will continue to provide comprehensive and mature solutions to help MVNOs stay competitive and improve customer experience for end users.

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